All-New Parts Shop

So for the new year at drummondandhammett we’re rather excited to announce that very shortly we’ll be opening up a new section to our online shop.


Soon not only will you be able to buy our Cigar Box Guitars but also all manner of parts and accessories to customise your guitar/cigar box guitar/ guitar creations with.


We’ll be stocking a variety of quality tuning pegs along with control knobs, new pick ups, corner pieces and a number of other chrome hardware. All top quality, all great priced and all certain to spruce-up that project guitar of yours..


Also in the pipeline we’ve a  4’n’1/2 string ‘Banjo-box’ guitar, a Reso-CBG and a new 5W Hand-wired tube ‘Tomahawk’ amplifier.


A Drummond & Hammett Parts Shop… fancy that.


images-1 chrome-tele-knob-flat-top m1Hc95CrCtE9jHsb-oeSACw




Introducing the Drummond & Hammett ‘Tomahawk’ amplifier…



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