Cigar Box Guitar Electrification Explained

An little explanation of the cigar box guitar electronics and electrification we offer at Drummond & Hammett…

Mini Humbucker – The ‘mini-humbucker’ is our full-cream magnetic humbucking guitar pick-up, originally created by The Epiphone Guitar Company later bough by Gibson in the 50’s. This pickup produces clearer, brighter tones than that of many standard magnetic humbucker pick-ups and being rated at 9.55kOhm pack an enormous sound. This pick-up comes with both volume and tone control and is suitable for any playing environment. In addition, this pick-up option is wired to our own secret mojo tone circuit, which keeps the rich defined tone you get on volume 10 throughout the volume range.

.. and why not try our dual-humbucker models for extra kick up the arse…


P90 pickup

P-90 ‘Soap Bar’ – Being a magnetic ‘single-coil’ pick-up the tone of a P-90 is somewhat brighter and more transparent than a hum-bucker. The tone therefore shares some of the associated single coil twang, but having large amounts of midrange and often described as brisk. This style of pick-up was introduced by Gibson in 1946 and gives any guitar a real vintage look and sound. This pick-up comes with both volume and tone control and is suitable for most playing environments.

Piezo Pickup

Piezoelectric Rod – These have a very different sound to the two magnetic-pickup options. Whilst having the advantage of not picking up any other magnetic fields, such as mains hum and feedback from monitoring loops, piezo’s lack the tonal range of a magnetic pickup and although such a pick-up can be used for a stage/live environment are generally only considered by ‘acoustic setting’ musicians and shouldn’t be used in conjunction with effects pedals. The ‘rod’ is housed within the bridge and comes with a volume control.