Limited Number of Flamed Brazilian Rosewood Fretboards

Flamed Rosewood…So in the depths of deepest darkest Somerset in the corner of a dusty barn we’ve managed to get our hands on some ancient brazilian-rosewood. It was so old, dusty and seasoned in fact that we had no idea until we machined-it-up what exactly we were buying. So cleaned, planed and cut into fret-board size chunks this block of rosewood uncovered itself as beautifully flamed with yellow, orange and red streaks – the streaks changed colour when exposed to sunlight from blond to what you see in the shot attached, something we’ve never seen before.

We’ve managed to get 15 or so fret boards worth from this section of timber and so the next 15 ‘Black Jack’ Cigar Box Guitar orders will come with one of these unique and striking fret boards.

We’ll let you know when we’re out – grab one before they’re gone.

Update – We’ve a whole new 1/2 tree of rosewood , so they’re back in town!!