London GrillStock Cigar Box Guitar Finale 2015

Update 7/09/2015 : What a fantastic weekend for Drummond & Hammett.

The ‘Trailer Trash Emporium’ stage came out better than we could have anticipated, it looked great and what fantastic acts we had play.

Here’s some shots of the construction and finished installation: We had the Likes of Graham Farnworth, Lisa Watchorn, Brian Grogan, Dave Crowe from Heymoonshaker & John Fairhurst  – no Johnny Depp but hey who cares..

We all hope you enjoyed it as much as we did – it was a killa end to the summer festival season –

See y’all again next year.

P & T


Trailer Trash Stage Trailer Trash Stage Trailer Trash Stage Trailer Trash Stage Trailer Trash Stage



Its been another great year for us and the GrillStock team. In 2015 we saw the expansion of the festival from Bristol, to Manchester and now to the big smoke London – BBQ revolution meets Blues revival in full swing..

London Grillstock 2015

Drummond & Hammetts London Grillstock 2015

And its in London where we’ve something extra special planned for the final and biggest GrillStock of 2015. Our very own London GrillStock Cigar Box Guitar Finale 2015 –  GrillStock‘s tagline is ‘think locally, act hillbilly’ and in keeping with this we’ve a trailer-park-trash-o-rama spin off  for our area at the Chestnuts Field, Walthamstow GrillStock festival site.

On top of all the great music and food to be had, we’ll be showcasing our new guitar models straight from our mobile trailer-shop. Here, in between the bbq, beer and barfing we’ve some worthy music acts booked on our trash-stage and for those bold enough to make an exhibition of themselves, an open mic area where you’ll be able to demonstrate how well you can play Deep Purple’s ‘smoke on the water.’ Essentially you should imagine 2 old caravans cut in half and hashed together with some timber decking to make a Guitar Shop and Stage area ‘straight outta crapton’ …get the picture.

As usual our ‘trophy guitars’ will be awarded to the ‘King of the Grill’ and ‘Chilli Eating Champion’ up on the main stage and the very talented John Fairhurst in true rock fashion will be setting one of our guitars alight after smashing it thorough his guitar amp.

The attached image illustration is an idea of how our area will look and some other relevant imagery is below to get you drooling to enter the Chilli Eating Competition.. .


Hope to see you there – not long now until D+H London GrillStock Cigar Box Guitar Finale 2015!!



Armitage Shanks


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