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About Drummond + Hammett

How did a guitarist and a carpenter form this unlikely partnership?

What started as a pastime eventually led to a realised passion for traditional design with an untraditional musical instrument. From experimenting with different production methods, cigar boxes and the resonance of different timbers, we’ve made the move from cigar box guitar enthusiasts to opening our own online shop where you can buy an authentic cigar box guitar directly from our Bristol workshop. Explore this website and discover our passion for guitar making – learn how we get such a big authentic sound from the packaging of a humble tobacco product. Our guitars are all handmade in our workshop and we pride ourselves on championing independent British craftsmen. There are many out there producing of this style of traditional blues guitar, but non quite like us. Check out our webshop and social media links – we look forward to crafting you something unique.

When did we fall in love with the humble cigar box guitar?

“I’d been given a very old cigar box by a friend and asked if i could turn it into a ‘stomp-box’ that could be amplified for busking, a sort of percussive box that can be tapped under foot to achieve an accompanying beat. Whilst down the local pub one summer evening, we talked about how best to go about this and Pat talked of ‘Cigar Box Guitars,’ which I too had stumbled across whilst researching. We discussed the simplicity of the guitar design and crudeness of the style and how this was everything we loved about the blues.”

Why did we decide to start producing cigar box guitars online?

“We became aware that many of the cigar box instruments available to buy online were of a low quality and although may look great, sadly remain unplayable – a guitar should not be mere ornament. We’ve always held British timbers close to heart and firmly believe that the quality of the wood used for a musical instrument is just as important as the craftmanship of the luthier. We started to experiment and realised we could marry the look and feel of a classic cigar box guitar with traditional British hardwoods and tonewoods.” You can read more about our passion for guitar making and discover which timbers we use to lovingly craft our instruments in our blog section.


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